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Learn How Becoming An Affiliate Will Save You Time and Handle All of Your Engraved Ornament Reorders. PLUS, We Will Pay You for This Opportunity to Serve You!

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This 3 MINUTE video will also explain how the program works. Click on the above image to watch.

We have developed the Funeral Home Promos Aftercare Affiliate Program to help you manage the reorders you will get for the engraved ornaments.  Here we have assembled a unique and profitable way for you to share in the earnings of any reorder placed for engraved ornaments.

We understand how daunting your schedule can be: Families to meet with, materials to buy, grave openings, embalming, comforting the grieving, etc… the list can certainly continue.

So when do you have time to do all the reorders for the engraved ornaments your families are asking for? What you will come to find as well is that not everyone comes to pick up their extra ornaments. Plus, if they don’t come to pick them up, have you been paid for that ornament that you ordered out of your inventory? If they did pay you and won’t come to pick them up, now you have to mail them just to get the ornaments out of your office. Are you billing for that postage?

Another common problem with handling your own reorders is misplacing a family’s order form temporarily, or finding it over a MONTH later and needing it rushed to make them happy! Why suffer through that hassle when we can take care of all of that for you, PLUS we pay you to do this! No more orders to fulfill, no payments to collect, and we ship direct to the family.

!! BONUS !! – When your families reorder an ornament, they will also have the opportunity to order other ornaments themed for different occasions. Those being for Pets, Newborns, and Weddings. If they order any of those, you will receive a commission on those as well, increasing your earning potential.

The Components of the Affiliate Program

NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU! We supply everything you'll need to get started.

Hunter Green Affiliate BannerThe Affiliate Banner - To help you outsource the reordering of engraved ornaments to us, we have a very simple and effective way to handle this.  The first step is getting an affiliate tracking banner on your website. We will work with your webmaster to make this happen. This banner ad should be placed on your home page and it allows us to track all the orders that are placed from the families that you serve. The flyer that we create for you will list this specific page of your website where the banner has been placed. More on that in the next paragraph. We have a large selection of sizes and color schemes of our banners to best compliment the colors on your website. Nothing is worse than having an image that clashes with your site. To view all the banners we have available, click here or on the image to the right.

Personalized Full Color FlyerThe Personalized Flyer – With each ornament that you purchase, we will include a full color flyer that you can hand out to the families that are requesting additional ornaments. If, for example, you order 100 ornaments, we will include 100 flyers at no additional charge. Each flyer will show the ornament style you are handing out, plus it will have your contact information listed at the bottom of the page. The flyers will also contain the exact page on your website where the banner is located for your families to reorder.  If you would like to order more flyers, they are only $15 per 100, in full color.


Affiliate Area Screen ShotThe Tracking System – Every time someone clicks on the banner from your website, we track it. When that person makes a purchase from our engraved ornament website, we track it. We can then show you all of the people that are making purchases and the commissions you are making in “Real Time”. We can even tell you which ornament is the most popular for reorders. This could come in handy if you ever want to switch the style of ornament you are already handing out.  You can access this report at anytime, day or night, at your affiliate login area. We’ll show you how!

For more information on how the affiliate program works, give us a call at 1-800-240-8639 Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm EST.  Or, you can contact us via our simple web form.