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Sample Memorial Service Programs

As we have stated before, having a memorial service or giving the first ornament to the family will greatly increase the number of additional ornaments sold to other family members. Many of our clients do hold a year end memorial service to help the families with the grieving process. As we talk to more funeral directors, we have found that ideas are needed to help the startup process.

In our efforts to help make this affiliate program successful for you, we have gathered some resources for you. On this page you will see some samples of memorials service programs that a couple of our Funeral Home clients have been gracious enough to share with us.

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Sample 1 Sample 2
Sample 3 Sample 4

While it is not necessary to have a year end service, another alternative is to just mail one of the engraved memorial ornaments to the family and let them know additional pieces are available to order from your website. Several of our clients are taking this approach and are having success with it as well.